The trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord.

Psalm 29

The power of God in a storm. I have always loved loud thunder storms. Even before I was a Christian. Knowing that God is in the biggest, bad-est storms is not a surprise. But I also know that He is in the smallest most delicate wing of a butterfly, and the petal of a flower. God is in all creation. God is there when I need Him, I just have to remember to ask.  A thunderstorm is a reminder to me of the power of God. And even then, the loudest clap of thunder, the strongest wind, is just a tiny portion of the power of God. He is in control.

As much as I enjoy a thunderstorm, joy is not really part of psalm 29, so onto the concordance. 1 Chronicles 16 uses the word joy twice. And it two different ways. Verse 27 says,

Splendor and majesty are before him; strength and joy in his dwelling place.”

I like this one best. I break this verse into two parts. Strength and Joy. In his dwelling place.

Knowing God is knowing that God is all about strength. He created everything. He understands everything. He controls everything. Strength is just not a strong enough term to capture the power and essence of God.

Knowing God is knowing joy. If you have read my blog Bible study from the beginning, you know, that I really did not choose the word Joy for my studies this year, God placed that word on my heart. And in the short time of using that word within my Bible study I have come to know God, and Jesus better than ever before. It’s amazing. It’s just hard to put into words the joy that I have received in my readings. But this blog is a good start. I do this blog for me, and for the Glory of God. Sharing my personal thoughts into the world was a bit scary to begin with, but it’s about God, and I will do as He commands, as much as possible (I still mess that up, but I am getting better.)

But here is the best part of this verse. The strength and joy of God are in his dwelling place. And He dwells in my heart through the Holy Spirit. Wherever God is, is his dwelling place, and God is everywhere, so his strength and joy can be everywhere. This is a new thought to me today. In the future, anytime that I read about God’s dwelling place, I will also picture that dwelling place in me. It may not always apply, but it will definitely have me thinking a bit more about the phrase.

I almost closed my Bible study there, but then remembered there is one more verse that has joy. Verse 33,

Let the trees of the forest sing, let them sing for joy before the Lord, for he comes to judge the earth.”

Really this is a part of the entire song of thanks to the Lord. Everything God created is praising God. I like to take this a bit more literally. So how do the trees of a forest sing? I am an Eagle Scout and I have done my share of camping. One aspect that I loved was just sitting and listening. Listening to the stream. Listening to the squirrels play in the leaves. Listening to the birds. And listening to the leaves sing as the wind blows through them. I have not really thought of this before today. But listening to the trees sing has always been relaxing to me. And sometimes they shout when it is extremely windy. And now forever in my head and heart, the trees will be singing for the joy of the Lord. And I just get to be in the audience, listen, and enjoy.

It’s really kind of interesting how this Bible study circled around to the power of God in a storm. Even in the whisper of a tree, He is there. It’s not always a storm. It is a gentle breeze. Whether it is the quiet waters of Psalm 23 or the singing of the trees, I will listen for God. I will enjoy the refreshing of my soul.

Thank You God.