The blog is about my Bible study with my one word Joy. And unfortunately, I drifted away from my commitment to study, for a month. And I was reminded more than a few times (two sermons that seemed directed at me, and my youngest daughter wanting to help me get back to daily prayer) in the last week that not only should I get back to it, but that I actually am missing it. So as I return to my daily readings, I will pause from my continuation of reading through the Psalms and jump into a planned Bible study by our mission leader. It is daily and I am about two weeks behind so I will attempt to catch up and if you are reading this you are now in my journey.

The short background is our church youth group is going to Detroit July 9 for a week on a mission trip. I was not comfortable sending my teenage daughter on any mission trip. (The world is obviously a broken place). She wanted to go, then needed some adults, and thus my first mission trip is with my daughter on her first mission trip. I am very excited.

So I worked with her to write her first mission letter. All missions need two kinds of support, financial and prayer. So if you are reading this, please consider adding us to your prayer list. Our mission leader is also the youth pastor and he has asked us to start reading scripture daily and preparing ourselves for the mission trip. . . so that is a long intro to my Joy Bible study for the next few weeks.

“Renewed for Service” Psalm 1:1-3

A great start. Reminding me that I should be meditating on God’s law night and day. And the results will bring forth fruit. I do think about God and Jesus more than once a day. And I try to make sure most of my actions are a reflection of my Christianity and Jesus. I want to be a good example to those around me. And as I prepare for the mission trip the fruit I hope to develop is a closer relationship with God, with my daughter, and with my mission teammates. That would definitely bring me some joy.

“Time for Prayer” Mark 1:35-45

Jesus set aside prayer. It was important for him. He needed quiet time and solitude. In today’s society, quite time and solitude are very hard to come by. Even in a room or office, I still hear the words and comments of others. Music in the ears is a different kind of isolation, but not quiet. I try to start my day with prayer and bible time before I log into the computer. I hope to get better with it over time.

I am joyfully happy to be back on the bandwagon of daily (I hope) bible study and prayer. I really look forward to the focus of my bible study on preparing for the mission trip.