Fireworks and Joy

Psalm 14

Rejoice. Be Glad. The last line of the Psalm. When God restores . . . Of course when God is active in our life, it is easy to be glad or joyful. Especially if you have just gone through a tough stretch. Just not much here today for me to mull on.

Next Concordance verse. Lev 9:24.

When I read references to individual verses, I always make a point to read at least one, if not two, paragraphs before and after the verse. I find context is extraordinarily helpful. Joy for the display of mighty power from God. In this case for consuming the sacrifice on the alter with a show of fire. We look at fireworks on the 4th of July or New Years and we ooh and ahh as the fire explodes in the air in pretty shapes. And sometimes with loud bangs. I can only barely imagine what this show of Godly power must have looked like. To KNOW that you are in the physical presence of the creator of the universe, if only for a moment, has to be intoxicating, overwhelming.

And yet, we, like Israel, will let the experience fade in memory. Kind of like the pain of childbirth to a woman. I have experienced God’s direction in my life. Ten years ago, He directed our family to move from Texas to New York. (Long God story there for another time). I have never felt closer to Jesus then. And I really was not a praying, bible reading, kind of guy yet. I have grown a lot since then, and I know I have much further to grow. And I am very thankful for that.

So, as I am beginning to see the word Joy a bit more in my daily life. And thinking on it, off and on, during the day. I almost can’t wait to see where I am at in 12 months. But I can. I will. Day by day. In both good days and bad days.

The reading today started a bit weak, but I like how it ended. Hopefully every day will lead to a thought distraction or connection I have not made before. We shall see.

The journey continues.