The Colors and Shades of Joy

Psalm 15 & Psalm 16

Slow start. Psalm 15 really speaks of being a morally upright person. Setting an example. Basically, by my actions they will know I am a Christian. Short 5 verses. So I add on Psalm 16 because it also looks short. (I know some of the Psalms are fairly long).

On to 16. And wow, Joy abounds. And delight too. In a short 11 verses; Joy & rejoice, delight & delightful, and a new one thrown in, glad.

[Break: Life interruption] I figure I will add this when my bible study is interrupted. In this case, I had to get in the car and make a sudden trip. Interesting enough, a song on the radio had given me a future thought. Hallelujah. Part of a song. And I know in the bible multiple times. And is defined as a way to express praise, joy, or thanks. Just how many ways can the bible express joy? Future thought. Interruptions and distractions abound around me. Have to put on headphones with instrumental music to block out environmental noise to continue my study.

Glad. “. . . my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; “ As I re-read Psalm 16 to get refocused, a new word of joy jumps out. Praise. A direct result of the Hallelujah interruption above. God has many flavors of joy for us. Makes me want to start considering the Hebrew or other original language wording used for Joy, and delight, and the others. I am finding there is a lot of nuance to Joy. The different colors and shades of Joy continue to grow. It’s not as simple as I was first thinking. It started with Joy being internal (because of my relationship with God & Jesus) versus Happiness, which is mostly external (not too sure of this now, but we will see.) And then faith jumped in and delight. My journey is getting more exciting and it is barely a week old.

It is interesting that in my morning prayer before I even began I did request to God success for a specific plan/goal that I believe I want. Yes, money is involved, and some security. And then the notes from the LASB for Psalm 16:7,8 sound a note of caution, “It is human nature to make our own plans and then ask God to bless them. Instead, we should seek God’s will first.” Bang, between the eyes. One of my previous One Words, was Discernment. This is completely in that venue. And although I will continue to hope and pray about the goal, I will also look for God’s will first regarding this issue. It is worth noting that I did add something along the lines of, “but not my wish, thy will be done.” So I am aware, but I need to maintain that awareness. Also keeping in mind that it’s about God’s timing, not mine.

One other thought from the notes of the LASB, Psalm 16:9.

“True joy is far deeper than happiness; we can feel joy in spite of our deepest troubles. Happiness is temporary because it is based on external circumstances, but joy is lasting because it is based on God’s presence within us.”

This is one of the first thoughts that occurred to me as I started my One Word Joy journey. And it is re-enforced in today’s notes. Nice.

Delight. Delightful. Praise. Glad. Rejoices. Joy. These are words that were in my bible chapter today. And my joy continues to grow.

Hallelujah. (another joy)