My God, My God . . .

Psalm 22

Starts STRONG. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” And I am off on a strong bible study. And it initially has nothing to do with my word, Joy.

This first sentence is not a cry of despair. Not from David and not from Jesus. It is an urgent appeal. A cry for help from someone suffering. And we know how both of these ended. They ended with victory. I know that God uses trials as instruments for our growth. And sometimes, I really hate the trial. But I KNOW that God can, and will, help me through it. And I will be a stronger, better person for it. The doubts that I get are, “God, just what are you building me up for? I really don’t like where this might be headed” type of doubts. But even then, I have comfort.

Since I am reading the Bible in order, keep in mind that I just finished Job. That book is so much better than I thought it would be. Especially with the study notes from my Bible. And the beginning of this Psalm brings that book back into my thoughts. We may not always know the why, Job never did. But we have the trust that there is a ‘cosmic’ reason for our suffering. The really cool thing about suffering with God as our protector is knowing that it will end in glory for God and Jesus, and in some miniscule way, I am a part of that. Whether it is because someone reads this blog post in 10 years, or because I brought the next Billy Graham to church for the first time. I won’t know the details until I am with the Father, but I know they exist.

Verses 16-18 is such an obvious crucifixion reference it startles me again, knowing that this was written hundreds of years before the event. A little awestruck at the moment. Seeing the future written about in the past so strongly is just great to behold. And since I started my bible study a couple of years ago, and reading the Old Testament in order, I see lots of these in my readings. I love it.

Verse 22, “I will declare your name . . .” Actually, this is for the rest of this chapter. Just sharing the gospel and word of God with the world. It’s one of the reasons I am making my personal Bible study public. I have no idea who, if anyone, will be reading these words. I trust if it is important to someone, Jesus will make it happen. I am doing it to help me study better. And it’s pretty cool, that I can do a key word search of my studies to find out what I was thinking during a previous study. I did that for my last study. And I know I will do it again because some of my thoughts need to be expanded on later. I just ‘feel’ that.

I love that this ends with the Psalm talking about the entire world AND our future leaders. Joy was not a word for this chapter, but it is woven all through it. The joy of my faith reinforced from some passages. The joy of knowing God is in control. The joy of being a part of God’s plan. Just awesome.

Thank you Lord for being who You are and for being there for me. You are My God.