Joy vs Happiness

Today’s Reading: Psalm 10

Reading Psalm 10 with Joy in the back of my head, the word happy jumps out. This is because early in my Bible study last week, the notes compared Joy and happiness, and this jumped into my head as I read, “Inward joy is lasting; happiness is temporary.” In fact I think that is going to be in the back of my heart/brain the entire year as I read and learn That whole dichotomy of Joy is inward. . .tied to my relationship to God and Jesus. Kind of like a root or foundation. If I have a strong sense of joy because of my growing learning, understanding, my relationship to God & Jesus, then the world cannot take that away.

So when I read about the wicked man being happy in Psalm 10:6, I know that this is only going to be temporary to the wicked man. As I read more of the bible in the days, weeks and life to come, I will continue to look at this pattern of how the bible is using the word Joy vs the word happiness. Am I reading the bible right? Am I understanding the passage as it was meant to be written.  I actually find this line of thought quite interesting.

Side note: As I continue to journal, please remember this is a streaming consciousness of words and thoughts as I think. Very lightly edited. It is really not meant as a teaching tool, but as a tool to help me journal as I read and learn. And what I learn, rightly or wrongly, I will share. I am looking forward to the journey.