Joy, Just Joy

Two days in a row. Psalm 38-39 has no joy. David is pleading his case to God. But he is pleading ONLY to God. He is not taking his complaints public. He doesn’t want others to gloat over his weakness or to in anyway make God look bad. David knows he did wrong. I hope and pray to never fall to that stage. I am grateful that God does not punish all my failures.  David does end this with a plea for God to look away from his sin and finish the punishment so that he can enjoy life again. No parent enjoys disciplining their child, but we know the necessity of it for long term success.

I want a bit more so the concordance sends me to Ezra 6 for joy. The rebuilding of the temple was stopped. A rediscovered lost legal paragraph in a pagan library of a pagan king and all opposition of the powerful forces stopping the temple construction are blown away like cobwebs. God can do anything through anybody, in any way He sees fit. This is part of my significant growing of trust to God and Jesus.

I trust God, because I know he has a master plan. And I am lucky enough to be a small part of it. I understand the hardships are a way for spiritual and personal growth. Makes me stronger and prepares me for the future. I am almost 50. I look at the actions of a lot of the biblical stories and I find it encouraging to know that He did not call some of them until later in life. After 70 in a lot of cases. It takes a while to be ready I guess. And I don’t know if my part is bit or larger. Doesn’t matter. I just want to be ready.

And the coolest thing, is I have already seen His direct hand in my life. He solved issues in ways I never would have considered. I love the unpredictable aspect of God’s gifts. I look forward to more. And when I am troubled, I think back to “the joy of the Lord is my strength.”

Hmmm. Interesting Bible study blog post. But it is what it is.