Joy is a Gift from God

Psalm 21

Joy is a gift from God.

So if we need faith first. If faith is required. If our relationship with God and Jesus begins with faith. If all this leads to Joy. Then joy is a gift from God. And that gift can take many forms.

[Break: Life Interruption] Sigh. Almost two days. I really to get better at this.

There was a big break from when I started todays study and finished it. (Started Tuesday, finished Thursday). But that really allowed part of this to percolate in the back of my brain. I have come to strongly believe that almost everything that we love and enjoy about God, Jesus, and the Holy spirit begins with faith. In fact, it starts with accepting that Jesus is the Son of God. . . in faith. We weren’t there at the crucifixion of Christ, but we KNOW deep in our heart, mind, and soul, that this is the foundation of truth. We have faith.

But my word is joy.

I know (now) that joy comes from faith. And if we are lucky (not quite the right word) we receive blessings from God. Blessings come in all size and manner of things. There are small blessings and large blessings. Physical blessings and spiritual blessings.

As I read Psalm 21 for the 7th time (or so) something interesting jumped out at me. Yes, I know that my word, Joy is used twice (verses 1 & 6), but that came out in the first read through. There is a shift in the ‘tense’ of the writing from current (and maybe past), to future. Verses 1-7 current/past. Verses 8-13 future.

As I read, and re-read, I see “How great is his joy in the victories you give.” And I see “You have granted,” and “have not withheld,” and “welcomed,” and “placed,” and “gave,” and “made him glad.” These are all blessing from God. They are GIFTS from God. To me the greatest gift that God gave David was “the joy of your presence.” How awesome is that? God and David have a special relationship and God is present with David. And when Jesus ascended into heaven He left us His presence with the Holy Spirit. Now that is an awesome gift, that I have continually failed to appreciate. And now I will strive to appreciate it more and more every day.

But Psalm 21 does not end there. The second have focuses on the future. On His promises of what God will do. The one word that struck me hard from this section is in verse 12. It is ‘when.’ I know some or even most of the promises from God to me. I KNOW that Jesus will return. I KNOW that satan is defeated, but the skirmishes continue. I KNOW that Jesus will judge. It’s just a matter of when.

The same can be said of his blessings. We will receive the blessings at the perfect time. Not when we want them. During this thought process, Garth Brooks song, “Unanswered Prayers” came to mind. I especially love the line, “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” Whenever I get anxious about whatever is going on, I always think back to this thought. Always in God’s timing. And if we are lucky, God will show us a glimpse of the big picture. I have been lucky enough to see a glimpse and it is an astounding feeling to KNOW when you have listened to God, done what he wanted (even though it was absolutely crazy), and in just months later, see the answer on WHY God wanted us to do the crazy thing, and be grateful for it. Just awesome.

Gifts. I am grateful, or I try to be, for all the little ones and the big ones. And the ones not yet given. Plus the promise of joining my Jesus in heaven.

And so as this Psalm ends, I will end this bible study the same way. . . I will sing and praise Your might.

Thanks be to Jesus.