The day started before I did. I was not able to start my morning bible study until almost 2pm. The devil likes his distractions and I am an easy target.

Today’s scheduled reading: Psalm 11 & 12

Not much there with regards to joy. I got a hint of joy in Psalm 12:5. Mostly because of the promise from God of protection.

Continued to read various versus from my handout from last Sunday’s service (1 Cor 3:9-10; Jer 29:11-13; & Rom 8:31-32) all nice verses. None really spoke to me today. I was craving a bit of meat today as it started with a variety of distractions. Then ‘bang’ it hit me. Look at the Concordance at the back of the Bible. Woah. Columns and columns of Joy references.

So new Bible reading plan. If my scheduled reading just is ‘right’ for me at the time of the reading. I will grab the next Concordance Joy reference and go there. Quick recap on my reading plan. I started it last year from Genesis 1:1 and planned on 1 chapter every morning. I have done better than I thought I would, but definitely room for improvement. That’s why this journal/blog started at Psalm 9.

Reading: Genesis 31:27

Jacob story as he leaves in father-in-law in fear. Steals away in the night. FIL catches up and asks “Why didn’t you tell me, so I could send you away with joy and singing.” Kind of ties in to some of my thoughts on why God placed the word Joy into my heart as my one-word this year. I feel that I have been slowing growing in understanding and relationship with Jesus & God. So why joy? I certainly do not feel a lack of joy.

Maybe part of my JOY this year is to help others learn and experience joy. That’s thought has been drifting around my head for a bit too. And her the FIL is saying he wanted to share joy with Jacob. So a bit of reinforcement there.  The FIL was not a follower of God, so I don’t believe he meant joy in the inward aspect that I am thinking of. More of a blessing type of joy. And now Jacob no longer has to feel ‘guilty’ for running away in the night with the FIL’s daughters.

Some Hmmm moments after all.