Psalm 41 (the end of Book I)

David is seriously ill and praying for mercy and healing. But that is not what strikes me here. Two things jump out. First: David is betrayed by an extremely close friend, maybe a longtime friendship sealed with a covenant. I see the immediate foreshadowing of the betrayal of Judas. We will always have friends close to use that will betray us. It is a part of life. But what we don’t realize is that sometimes we are the Judas, the betrayer to our friend. And that can be intentional or unintentional. But either way it will irrevocably alter the relationship with you friend.

In my case, I made a promise to a very close friend. It was a small promise, at least to me. But it was a huge promise to him. And then, I changed my mind (and my promise) and did it anyway. Short version, 30 years ago, I broke my right wrist. I drove a standard car. We had a party to attend that evening. Just a short distance away. He wanted to drink. So we agreed that he would drive us over and we would walk home. I did not drink. At the end of the evening, I decided I could drive. Bad decision. I broke my promise, my pledge, and damaged my friendship. We are still friends. Not as close as I would like.

So betrayals happen all the time. As a Christian, we should honor our word, and promises. Both large and small. And the best thing we can do is not be the small Judas to our friends. And when we do, and we will, we need to be sincere in our apology and learn from our mistakes. We need to hold ourselves accountable before we hold others accountable. Wow, not where I thought this Bible study was going.

The second thing that jumped out to me is verse 12. “In my integrity, you uphold me and set me in your presence.” Amazing. Just typing that again reinforces my earlier thoughts. And that’s not even what I was thinking the first time I read it.

Integrity. Is this being righteous and blameless before God? According to Google, it is, “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” I really like that. David, understands that despite his many flaws he strives to have integrity. Especially with God. And if you have a good relationship with God, then that can also be reflected in your relationships with your friends, family, and those around you.

Very interesting Bible Study today. Seems more about integrity than Joy. But I got some pretty good personal insights out it.