Feasting. Joy. Hmmm.

Psalm 26

The them, ‘blameless is not sinless.’ A great claim from David, because he definitely had some sins in his past. But he always tried to keep God in front. The Zondervan Study Bible notes on verse 1 say, “Obedience and trust are the two sides of Godliness.” I like that. Yes, we all constantly slip and make mistakes, but if we are obedient and ask God for forgives, with a repentant heart, then we can trust God to forgive and lead us.

Other than that, not much in this chapter for me. So on to the Concordance to see my next Joy verse. 1 Chronicles 12:40. I really like jumping around in the Bible. Especially if it is something I studied fairly recently. Sometimes I get a new perspective.

To put this verses of joy in context, I really had to read the whole chapter. Warriors, lots of warriors, are coming over to David. He is on the run from Saul. The warriors came to support the next king. It’s a strange situation to rebel from the rightful king to support the next king, without the desire to kill the rightful king. How do you make David the next king, which is what these warriors came to David for, without removing the current, rightful king? David had the perfect answer. Trust God. It’s all about God’s timing and He will make it right in some of the most extraordinary ways. And so, David has his loyal army in preparation for WHEN God moves him to the throne, he does not have to worry too much about taking over a new army that might still be loyal to Saul.

On to joy. David’s army was now over 300,000 people. The logistics to feed so many people can be daunting. He was given town to dwell in. Still a lot of people. And the feeding problem was solved by his neighbors. They supplied a lot of food. So much so that there was 3 days of feasting and drinking. It’s not hard to imagine that “there was joy in Israel.” This is actually a few days before the death of Saul at Gilboa. So in retrospect, this was kind of a pre-coronation dinner for David.

Kind of a light Bible Study today. No great insights, just some nice ones. Although I did dwell a little bit about rebelling yet not rebelling, Saul/David thing. They were rebelling against Saul’s ungodly leadership and drawing to David, and his Godly leadership. Still, it made me think a bit.