Empowered to Serve

Acts 1:8

I know I have the Holy Spirit in me. I know having the Holy Spirit in me helps me to pray, it is my direct connection to God. It is a gift from God. When I pray, sometimes I get tongue tied or just overwhelmed with all I want to say. Then I trust to Holy Spirit to know my heart and send my heart to God. It knows me. God knows me.

But. . . what I tend to forget is the Power of the Holy Spirit. This is God’s power. In me. Wow. The same power of Jesus. Wow. So when Jesus ascended and told the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit and the power that it brings. . . it means Jesus has a plan for us to use this power. He doesn’t give us power to just have power. He gives us power to do something with it. In this case, witness.

Witnessing can be scary and intimidating. For sure.  The power of the Holy Spirit is more than just strength and a pipeline to God. It is courage, and boldness, and confidence, and authority, and insight, and ability, and . . . and . . . and more. It is exactly what we need, when we need it. A lot of Christians get it confused. It is not showing what we can do for God. It is not even telling people what God will do for them. (We really don’t know God’s plan for them or their lives). It kind of is what Jesus has already done for them. But what witnessing really is, is sharing what God has done for you (me).

You know your experiences. Your own Only-God moments. Some are small. Some are huge. But they are yours. That is what you share. That is how you witness. And witnessing is also serving people, helping people. Showing interest in someone else. If you show interest in them, they naturally become curious about you and your story. Sometimes it can be quick. Sometimes it can take months or years. All in God’s timing.

For me, this very blog is from a prompting of the Holy Spirit. I have been doing the One-Word as part of my Bible reading since 2012 with some minor success. I define success with personal and spiritual growth. I strongly felt to add journaling this year. I hate writing by hand. So I type. And if I am typing, why not share? Thus the blog. From the Holy Spirit. It can be intimidating sharing to the world. But that is what I am called to do. And so far it has been extremely rewarding.