Delight yourself in the Lord

God has been good to me. Even though I have struggled mightily to do a daily Bible study and failed miserably. This public blog is supposed to help me stay on task more. And then I go two weeks without cracking the Bible. I will continue to strive to improve. And I will definitely continue the blog, because I feel called to process my studying this way. It’s kind of funny. By doing the blog, I actually feel that it is slowing me down because my readings are no longer just 10 minutes . . . check . . . done . . . start day. I feel closer to God this year because the digital journaling is allowing me to clarify my thoughts. It allows me to mull and digest my reading. To learn and grow.

No one ever said being a Christian was easy. We are tasked to do a lot of things. And we all focus on different areas, but one of the bigger “requirements” of being a Christian is getting to know what BEING a Christian is about. That means learning and knowing God and Jesus better. Better than we know Him now. Always trying to get to understand Him a bit more. It’s tough. How do we go about knowing the Creator? We read the Bible of course. But it is more than that. How do we apply our new and growing knowledge to our lives, and our church, and our community, and our world? We pray and we do. And hopefully, we are listening and doing what is asked. Still tough.

Joy. That’s what my OneWord is this year. And I can’t believe how much I have learned about God and Jesus from my OneWord and this blog. And the more joy I learn and know, the more I can share. It’s really cool to be the bringer of joy to others. And I can only share joy because Jesus has blessed me with Joy. It’s a really awesome circle. Greater than a mustard seed.

Three paragraphs and I still haven’t shared my reading today. Psalm 37. Too funny. Joy is not mentioned, sort of. But joy did jump out to me in verse 4, “Delight yourself in the Lord. . .” As I read this I wrote three words; Learn, Trust, and Joy. It just struck me that David is telling me to immerse myself in God and be delighted. It’s an easy enough thought. The more I know about Jesus and God, the more delight I have in the Lord. And I have been learning to trust Jesus a whole lot more in the last 5-10 years. And my stress has become way less. That trust is very freeing. It allows me to be more joyful in our broken world.

So I ‘finished’ my Bible study and didn’t see joy in today’s verse, but then just to be safe, did a word search on the chapter and whoops. . . Joy is actually there three times, but as ‘enjoy.’ I love that. Learning and trusting God more and we will ENJOY safe pasture, ENJOY peace and prosperity, and we will ENJOY plenty (during days of famine). How cool is that? This just reinvigorates me so much. It’s a good way to start Monday. And it’s a good way to start May.

Thank you God for all that you do in my life and for allowing me to grow.