About Me – Just because

Jumping for Joy

I started this blog just because. Actually, it’s much more than that.


For me, it started in 2012. The pastor of our church was challenging us to focus on ONE WORD for the year. This one word is can be an area we want to grow in spiritually, or even physically. He was basing this on the MyOneWord challenge started in 2010 by Mike Ashcraft at Port City Community Church. A simple premise, Change is possible, but focus is required. So pick just ONE WORD. My first word, way back in 2012, was Perseverance.

Let me tell you, I don’t remember too much about any of my words for the last 5 years other than a bit of growth and some occasional insights. Also, let me tell you, the only way to grow is to experience. So I would caution you, that if your word is patience, God will work with you by trying your patience. Same with Perseverance. There needs to be trials for you to persevere through. My next words were selected with a bit more prayer.

2012 – Perseverance
2013 – Discernment
2014 – Steadfastness
2015 – Devoted
2016 – Understand
2017 – Joy
2018 – Servant
2019 – Discipline (I considered Disciple, but ended with Discipline)
2020 – Time
2021- Abide
2022 – Forge (or forged)


My personal growth is bible study has been gradual but constantly improving. First I just started to try and read a chapter or two a week. I improved to reading a chapter every morning, Monday thru Friday (well most mornings, and I actually went over a week without reading, but I got back on it). I use two bible different NIV study bibles, because I really like the different perspectives that the study notes offer. The Life Application Study Bible, and the Zondervan Study Bible.

I have been told, and I knew, that the next step to effective bible study is journal-ing. Ugh! I really do not like the idea of writing in a journal. So what if I just typed my thoughts in a Word doc. Then saved them. That I can do. Typing is not writing. Then I figured if I am typing it I might as well share my thoughts as a Blog. It’s only a bit more work, but now I actually have some perceived accountability. Thus you are reading this.

And let me tell you, I started the blog after creating a weeks worth of entries. And this journal-ling stuff has actually been pretty darn cool. I feel like I am learning a LOT more this way. And if you are still reading this, welcome to my journey. I hope your journey is a good one too.

PAX (Peace and Love)