A Joyful Shout or Exclamation

Psalm 18

Starting this today way late (11:30am) and also knowing I have to interrupt to complete another task, but I am not going to put this off. Plus, maybe I can mull whatever the verse is during my task and have better thoughts and insights to share.

18:19 The Lord is delighted in David. Is this because David has great faith? Faith leads to joy. Our faith in God, gives him joy and delight. Because we have a strong faith in Him. Kind of a circular logic. The Lord delights in David as a man after his own heart.

[Break: Life Interruption] 2.5 hours later I can now continue. I really do prefer to get this done in the morning. As much as I like my sleep, I am considering waking up 45 minutes earlier, before the rest of the house, and getting my prayer time in with less chance of these life interruptions.

Verse 46 has grabbed my attention for a variety of reasons. 1) The word ‘Praise’ as a form of joy; 2) It seems like a joyful shout or exclamation; 3) Three actual exclamation marks! This Psalm also has a bit of reflection in it. I noticed it at verse 25 then looked around.

“The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior!”

“Praise be to my rock!” I now understand that the word praise has a direct relation to joy and God. Even Merriam-Webster get this. I got this a bit more a couple of days ago on my bible study when the word hallelujah entered my mind. David is more than joyful, if that is possible. God is our rock, our savior.

Just the sense, the vibe, of the verse as I read it jumped out. And as I studied it, I noticed the last exclamation mark. Read it again and saw the 2nd exclamation mark. And it took multiple more readings, on and off and then I found the first one. (That’s a little strange in itself). So now I thinking, about punctuation within the bible itself. Just how often is the exclamation used in the bible. I can tell you it is on used in this verse for Psalm 19. On to Google. The short answer is that the use of the exclamation point and other punctuation varies by bible version. About ¼ of the bibles I looked at had the exclamation point.  And most of the punctuation was added very later. It’s not in the original language. Never really thought of that before. BTW, I use the NIV version for my study.

It’s strange that I was so fascinated by just an ‘!’ to drive my study today.

The 25th verse of reflection, “To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless,”. The note on this in my Zondervan says, “Because God responds to people in accordance with their ways. . .” Back to the circular logic at the beginning of the bible study. I am delighted and joy in Jesus and God, and therefore he is delighted and joyful in me. But if joy comes first from faith and he reflects that back to me, and sometimes blesses me or my work. That reinforces my faith. The circle starts with belief in Jesus and the beginnings of a growing faith.

I find it very interesting, that even in David’s lowest moments, when he had no joy or delight in his life he still had a very strong faith. And so, on the days of sorrow, or just blah, if I have faith, then all is good, and in the end my faith grows. At least so far. And I have faith, that my faith will grow. And I hope to share that faith and joy and delight and all manner of goodness with those around me.