Doubt. Correction. Discipline. Arrogance. Mercy. Joy.

Psalm 30

Doubt. Correction. Discipline. Arrogance. Mercy. Joy. I read this Psalm 5 times and then just sat for a couple of minutes, thinking, before I typed my first word. The first six words above are words I wrote or circled in my Bible during my reading. It sometimes seems to me that the Psalms are saying the same thing over and over just in different ways. Almost repetitive and boring. That was my first thought as I was reading this Psalm until I got to the end of verse 7. “I was dismayed.”

And I read into this that David had doubts about God. Kind of a slacking of faith. I wrote “human doubt is normal.” We all have doubts all the time. Some people call them moments of weakness. I think it’s part of being a human being. Part of who we are. God created us. He knows us. He does not get mad at us when we doubt. He uses that to help build us up. All of a sudden, this isn’t boring and repetitive. This is new. And this is wrong. I was wrong. This chapter really has nothing to do with doubt. I understood it wrong.

I read the notes from both of my study Bibles (The Life Application Study Bible, and the Zondervan Study Bible) and really this is more about being thankful to God for correction and discipline. We are definitely not perfect. We can and will make mistakes every day. David’s mistake is actually highlighted in verse 6. He said, “I will never be shaken.” The height of arrogance. And this is the last word that I wrote down. Arrogance. The last piece of the puzzle that brings forth the power of this chapter to me. David is king of the world. Tons of power. Tons of money. And a lot more. And all were given to him by God. David has had over 15 years to know and learn about the power and influence of God. He knows God intimately. And he gets arrogant by forgetting the ultimate source of his power.

God slaps David. Hard. Again. Verse 5, “

For His anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.

David knows why. David is actually pretty lucky to know why. Most of the time, we won’t know or understand the why for our troubles. We should listen to God and proceed. Sometimes we get to know the reason for God’s decisions in our life. Most of the time, we have faith. After recently reading Job, one of the take-aways to me is the Job, never knew the why. God never told him. And he was happy with that. Even after his severe troubles.

David rejoiced. Job was happy. The morning came. The weeping is done. And David sings with joy. And he will not be silent. He will proclaim his thanks forever. Including today as I read his words. I am thankful. I will not search for God’s correction or discipline (in fact I hope to avoid it), but if it happens I will be thankful for it to keep me on the proper path to know God and Jesus better. To be a better person. To be a light and an example of the Joy and mercy of Jesus.

Making my personal Bible study public to all was a bit of a leap for me. Usually I am sharing my thought processes with only God. A personal and private conversation. Sharing that was a bit tough at the beginning. I did not edit any of my first 7 blog posts for public viewing. I wrote them to myself and Jesus as a reminder and a tool to grow. When I was ‘nudged’ to make them public through this blog, I was a bit anxious and unsure. But as you know. I did it. And I will continue to converse to myself and Jesus on a personal level. And share it for others that God directs to it.

Thank you Jesus for your word. Thank you for the ability to grow closer to you. I hope never to forget what you have done for me and never become arrogant with your gifts. I love the joy that you bring into my life with all your gifts, my family, my health, my business, and now this blogging bible study. Thank you.