5 Joys

Psalm 31

This was a hard chapter for me. It never really grabbed me, so I know I will be going to concordance. But first a few thoughts. Verse 19 jumped out a bit for me.

How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you bestow in the sight of men, on those who take refuge in you.

I used to have a problem with the phrase, “Fear of the Lord.” But a previous Bible study really helped me put that into proper context. Which allows me to truly appreciate this verse now. Having a proper understanding of the fear of God is definitely a huge help to me. God’s goodness is great.

On my 2nd read through, I was struck by verse 11 and how it reminds me of the story of Job. David and Job have a great amount of faith and trust in the Lord. Even with all their friends running away or attacking them, they both have a trust in the Lord. As I serve God and Jesus in my life, I am sure more than a few of my friends might drift away. I will just trust in God, that they might eventually return so I can have a positive influence on them again.

On my 3rd read through with the notes from the Study Bible, I see that I have missed my key word, Joy. How did that happen? Verse 7, “I will be glad and rejoice in your love.” And the line just before that missed verse? . . . “I trust in the Lord.” Just too cool. David knows God. Knows His past actions. And trusts God.

The Concordance takes me to 1 Chronicles 29, verses 17 & 22. I like to read the whole chapter for context. I found versions of joy 5 times. A rich chapter of joys. Yay. This is tempered by the fact that this is also the last chapter and it ends with David’s death. However, David had a very special relationship with God, so his final good bye should be filled with Joy. He is going to be with God the Father.

Verse 9 has rejoiced twice. The people rejoiced because they were happy with their leadership and the examples that they set. There is a lot to be said about leadership. I even took a few college course leadership. It starts at the top. In this case, God is at the top, then David, then his commanders and officials. It just gained some great momentum and everyone rejoiced.

Continuing with verse 17 & 22, David is expressing joy because of the response of the people to his leadership and he correctly directs the credit to God.  They are eating and drinking in the presence of God. How can they not be filled with Joy? I find this a bit ironic considering that in Psalm 31 where I started, everyone is doing the complete opposite. Running from David. Plotting against David. Obviously, David was able to survive by the grace of God to be joyful at the end of his life. Psalm 31 is kind of like an interlude as I read this last chapter of 1 Chronicles. Interesting.

And it ends with the death of David, but he enjoyed a long life (verse 28). This ties in with the message from my church yesterday. The message ended up highlighting Romans 12:1-2. Pastor Mike made it a point to show that the word ‘easy’ is nowhere to be found there. Living an upright Christian life is a lot of great things. A lot of REWARDING things to be sure, but it is definitely not easy. David had a very rewarding life, but he did not have an easy life. Wealth and honor yes. Easy no.

And when life gets a bit difficult for me. I look at how satan can benefit from my difficulty and even cause or create it. But I look to God and Jesus and know that in the end, They can turn my difficulty to further the glory of the message and Jesus. Amen.